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Wolffer Estate

Wolffer Estate Verjus Blanc 750ml

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Wolffer Estate verjus, aka green grape juice, from the heart of The Hamptons in New York
    Prized by chefs as a substitute for vinegar or lemon, it works wonders in salad dressings and marinades
      Wonderful and refreshing to drink as a spritzer or try it as the main ingredient in a cocktail



          Also known as “verjuice”, verjus is the pressed juice of unripened grapes. While acidic, verjus has a gentler flavor than vinegar, with a sweet-tart taste that is often used to heighten the flavor of many sauces or mustards.

          A definitive culinary ingredient indigenous to wine-producing regions of the world, it has a wide variety of uses in the kitchen. It’s most commonly used to deglaze sauté pans, however Verjus can also be used to add acidity and freshness to sauces; for poaching fish, or to season vegetables, fruits and salad.

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