As an avid home cook, nothing gives me greater pleasure than having a wide variety of ingredients at my disposal giving me the freedom to create something new everyday.  A well-stocked pantry has the ability to transform your everyday ho-hum routine into something exciting.  
From a hippy, farm-to-table upbringing to the fast-paced, highly stressful world of pit trading on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade, raw vegan personal cheffing and
a brief stint as a product photographer; my eclectic background has culminated in the creation of ‘the Curated Pantry’.
What do we do?  We specialize in variety.  From everyday essentials like tea, coffee and spices to the unusual like agave worm salt.  You’ll also find healthy snack bundles focusing on organic and non-gmo ingredients, craft cocktail kits, useful home goods and eco friendly health and beauty items.  Everything you need to keep your cupboards full and exciting.  

What’s in your pantry??