I grew up in the 70’s when so-called ‘health food’ was taking the world by storm.  My mom and dad raised me vegetarian because it was the cool thing to do and my best friend’s parents owned a food co-op and followed a strict macrobiotic diet.  Tofu, brown rice and veggie stir fry's were on repeat- no Wonder Bread or Fruit Loops for me thank you very much.  
To drive home the hippy factor even more, we moved to a communal farm in upstate NY where most of the food was raised on the land.  Everything was made from scratch- we milled our own wheat for bread, grew our own fruits and veggies, made cheese and butter from fresh milk- you get the idea.  This is where my love and appreciation of good food took hold and has stayed with me ever since.
From a hippy, farm-to-table upbringing to the fast-paced, highly stressful world of pit trading on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade, raw vegan personal cheffing and a brief stint as a product photographer; my eclectic background has culminated in the creation of The Curated Pantry.
Here you'll find elevated everyday essentials not readily available in grocery stores, foodie gift boxes and artisan made kitchen and table wares from around the world.  
I remember having so much fun wandering the aisles of that health food store long ago- it’s my hope that scrolling through the offerings here will spark the same joy in you.