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Vichy Catalan

Vichy Catalan Sparkling Mineral Water from Spain | 500ml (16.9 fl oz)

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The best-known mineral water from Spain, Vichy Catalan has very high mineral content, natural carbonation, and an almost neutral pH.

This premium water emerges from the ground at 60°C (140° F), which gives it a unique personality.  The water is rich in minerals (it contains 27 of the 34 minerals that the human body needs for good health) from the thermal waters of Caldes de Malavella, in the Selva comarca in Girona, Spain.

Vichy’s high mineral levels give it a very salty taste, which pairs well with the rich and salty foods of Spain.  The saltiness also enhances the flavor of whatever you might be mixing it with.  I like to use it as a mixer in cocktails (wherever sparkling water or club soda is called for such as an Aperol Spritz or homemade Gin & Tonics).  It also makes an excellent recovery drink after physical exercise.

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