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U SALATURI Colatura Anchovy Juice from Sicily 3.38 Fl Oz

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Derived from high quality Sicilian anchovies and Trapani Sea

Salt, only a touch of this intense ingredient is needed to add its magic to a dish. A little goes a long way

A dash in certain pasta dishes is a must

Finish a roasted meat with a touch of colatura to unlock umami synergies

A splash on vegetables adds depth

Gives a turbo like boost to your Caesar

    Anchovies and Sea Salt are the only two ingredients in colatura. The sauce is a Campagna tradition. The U Salaturi marries Campagna’s tradition with the proud anchovy tradition of Sicily. The roots of the sauce go back well before Campagna. Ancient Rome’s top condiment was a similar sauce called Garum. Colatura di Alici literally means “anchovy drippings.” While the anchovies cure in salt, the drippings from that process are collected. These drippings are aged for up to three years in wooden barrels. The resulting oceanic umami bomb is deep and intense. It tastes of the sea but is not fishy. It is much more nuanced than most Asian fish sauces.

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