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Tiffin Asha

Tiffin Asha Tomato Ginger Pickle (Tomato Chutney Condiment) - 9oz

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Tiffin Asha's South Indian inspired pickles represent the next generation of American condiments and will unlock your everyday food in a whole new way!

This Tomato Ginger Pickle is handmade with organic California tomatoes which are crushed and cooked with fresh ginger, Tiffin Asha's signature Tomato Ginger Pickle masala, a little bit of sugar for sweetness & a splash of organic lemon juice to keep you coming back for just one more bite!

For this pickle, Kashmiri chili powder was chosen for its citrusy bright flavors and medium heat. Plus, all of Tiffin Asha's pickles are made with only high quality unrefined organic sesame oil.

From sandwiches to charcuterie boards, this condiment is delicious in so many preparations and goes beyond all borders!

Delicious with burgers, grilled cheese, noodles, charcuterie boards, pizza, toast, hard&soft cheeses, BLT's and more.

Tasting notes - jammy, citrusy, mapley.  Heat level 2/5

INGREDIENTS: organic tomatoes, organic unrefined sesame oil, sugar, ginger, lemon juice, spices (including red chili powder & turmeric), salt

Non-GMO Project Verified

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