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Salty Black Licorice Variety Pack (7 items)

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  • Salty black licorice variety pack includes: Katjes Salzige Heringe (salty fish), Jacobsen Salt Co Salty Black Licorice, Rheila Salmiak Pastillen, Nordic Sweets Salmiak Stix, Lakerol sugar-free Salmiak, Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Double Salt Coins, and Omnom Lakkris+Sea Salt chocolate bar 
  • Dark, intriguing and delicious - salty licorice is addictive and a taste worth acquiring.
  • From the traditional German black diamond shaped pastillen by Rheila, to the taffy-like version of salty black licorice from Jacobsen Salt Co (made in Portland), this variety pack offers samples of salty licorice from around the world.
  • Makes and excellent gift for the adventurous foodie in your life.

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