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Sabadi Organic Modica Chocolate with Mandarin 1.76 oz

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Cioccolato di Modica, or Modica Chocolate, is an official Traditional Agricultural Product of Italy (IGP), which is also protected by a Slow Food Presidium. This specialty chocolate is typical of Modica, Sicilia, and is characterized by an original recipe that gives the chocolate a uniquely grainy texture.

Our chocolate is traditionally made according to the age-old Modica coldworking process. Throughout the process the temperature never exceeds 45 degrees Celsius. In this way, all the cocoa's unique and aromatic notes and the ingredients’ beneficial properties are fully preserved.

The raw materials used are organic certified and come from fair trade producers and Slow Food presidia with respect for small indigenous communities, the environment and biodiversity.

A very difficult balance to achieve that between the strong aroma of our Nacional cocoa and the delicacy of late mandarin, a very sweet variety produced in what little remains of the Palermitan Conca d'oro that has so fascinated travelers and poets of all ages.

Organic | Fair Trade | Gluten-free | Slow Food Presidium

Made in Sicily



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