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Pacific Flake

Pacific Flake Hand-harvested Culinary Sea Salt from Northern California 4oz

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Hand-harvested and fire-evaporated from the cold and pure waters of Northern California
    Large flakey crystals add satisfying crunch yet are light enough to melt in your mouth
      Pacific Flake sea salt has a crisp brine flavor that salivates in your mouth with a clean finish

        Comes in a 4 ounce resealable pouch

          No additives.  Made in California

            Pacific Flake is a culinary sea salt harvestry, creating flake sea salt using a slow cook method, hand harvested from the cold and pure waters of Northern California. 

            Pacific Flake invested in building its own stainless steel kettles and troughs, ensuring the highest quality culinary salt from start to finish.

            Our passion for health and for eliminating toxins from the body led to the creation of this pure artisan sea salt, made from a living ocean with all the natural minerals and elements contained therein. THE PACIFIC.

            Pinch and sprinkle the light crisp salt flakes onto any cuisine to create the perfect dish. Formed by fire evaporation and hand harvested at just the right time. THE FLAKE.

            Fire evaporated and hand harvested the old fashion way. No additives. Made in California.


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