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OVTENE Food Storage Sheets for Cheese, Meat, and Produce - Keeps Food Fresher (20 Sheets) Longer

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OVTENE is a performance based food storage solution made from a unique mineral-based material that actually extends the life of your food and restricts the growth of bacteria.

Food lasts three times longer when stored in Ovtene compared to leading alternatives.

Ideal storage for cheese, charcuterie, seafood, baked goods and dry snacks.

Reusable with no loss of performance and 100% recyclable.

Packet includes 10 large sheets (14"x20") and 10 small sheets (10"x14") plus a set of reusable, eco-friendly stickers for identifying food.

BPA-free | PVC-free | Made in Italy | FDA and European food-grade standards approved

WHAT IS OVTENE? - Ovtene is a performance based food storage solution that actually extends the life of your food.

UNIQUE MATERIAL - Our sheets and bags are made from a unique mineral-based material that preserves freshness and restricts the growth of bacteria, helping your food last three times longer than when stored in leading alternatives. Traditional plastic alternatives are made of 100% polyethylene- Ovtene is made from 60% calcium carbonate and 40% polyethylene.

TO USE - Remove food from original packaging and wrap in Ovtene sheets or bags. Not for use in the dishwasher, microwave or oven.

IDEAL STORAGE SOLUTION - Not just for fruits and vegetables, these freshness preserving bags and sheets are ideal for cheese, meat, sea
food, baked goods, dry snacks and herbs.

SAVE MONEY - Make fewer trips to the grocery store and save money knowing that your fresh bounty will stay that way.

FREEZER SAFE - Prevent freezer burn by freezing foods in Ovtene.

REUSABLE - Simply hand wash in warm soapy water and dry well before reuse. You can expect the same freshness-preserving performance over and over again.

EARTH FRIENDLY - No water or trees were used to produce Ovtene. Our bags are made from calcium carbonate and other trace minerals reducing the amount of plastic used by 60% while preserving resources and reducing waste.

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