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Mirzam Dark Chocolate Covered Dates (9 Pieces)

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  • 9 Pieces dark chocolate covered dates
  • Made with Mirzam’s bean to bar vegan dark chocolate and locally grown Khalas dates and stuffed with natural spices, nuts and fruit.
  • Includes seven of the dates that Mirzam developed for Ramadan in 2018
  • Vegan
  • Made in United Arab Emirates

This box of nine dates, includes each of the seven Dark Chocolate Dipped Dates recipes that Mirzam developed for Ramadan 2018. Including:

100% Dark Chocolate Dipped Date

100% Dark Chocolate Coconut Date

62% Dark Chocolate Date

62% Dark Chocolate with Orange & Cinnamon Date

62% Dark Chocolate with Pumpkin Seeds Date

62% Dark Chocolate with Pistachio Date

62% Dark Chocolate with Caramelised Cocoa Nibs Date

Mirzam is an Emirati company, with five distinct lines of artisan chocolate that expresses the tale of the Middle East’s ancient role as seafaring traders, with each bar speaking to the history, culture, and traditions of those along the maritime Spice Route


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