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JOM Gourmet Gummies

JOM Gourmet Gummies - Vegan & Organic Candy from Sweden (Retro Cola) 3.5oz

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Our Sour Retro Cola is like no other cola out there – forget the standard stuff! These chewy organic candy bites are made with organic kola nut extracts, bringing you an authentic taste of coca- cola.

These chewy organic gummy candy bites are bursting with that authentic cola flavour. Crafted with love, our top-notch cola gummies use extracts from organic kola nuts, giving you a legit taste of old-school Swedish retro cola! Trust us, you'll find yourself reaching for Just One More!

 Indulge in the art of Swedish gummy making, where every batch is crafted with love in small quantities. We're all about quality, so we've handpicked organic and vegan-certified ingredients. And guess what? Our recipe is like a clean slate, no room for gluten, palm oil, or annoying allergens. 

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