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Guido Gobino

Guido Gobino Gianduiotto Chocolate from Italy, 25 pieces

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  • 25 PIECES gianduiotti each wrapped in gold foil. Grouped in bulk packaging. Made in Italy.
  • Gianduja was first created in Turin in 1865, and the iconic blend of chocolate and hazelnuts is just as popular now as it has ever been.
  • Guido Gobino giandujotto is artisanally made with the traditional extrusion method that gives every chocolate it’s unique shape.
  • Made with the finest PGI Piedmont hazelnuts harvested on our own fields in the Langhe region, up on the Piedmontese tallest hills. After selecting and harvesting the hazelnuts, they are roasted directly in our production facility in Turin. This way the supply chain of this important ingredient is controlled, guaranteeing only the best hazelnuts are used.
  • Guido Gobino buys cacao beans directly from farmers in Central America, South America and Indonesia where some of the best chocolate in the world is found. They are committed to supporting these cacao plantations and buying the beans at a fair price.

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