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FANGST - Canned Nordic Seafood Variety Pack of 4

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Try selected varieties of canned Nordic seafood from FANGST. 

This gift box contains one of each of the following:

  • BRISLING No. 1 Baltic Sea Sprat smoked with heather and chamomile
  • BLÅMUSLING No. 1 Limfiord Blue Mussels marinated with dill and fennel seeds
  • FÆRØSK LAKS Faroe Islands Salmon flash grilled in cold pressed rapeseed oil
  • REGNBUE ØRRED Danish freshwater trout smoked with juniper and lemon thyme

**Should an item in the gift box become unavailable, we will replace with a similar item of equal or greater value**



'Fangst' means 'catch' in Danish and Norwegian.  Also, it is the name of our small company.  We have set sails to re-discover and explore the abundance of seafood in the Nordic waters.  Made with respect for nature and canning craftsmanship.

A century ago, there were numerous small canning companies along the coastlines of the Nordic waters.  Over the last decades, they have almost all disappeared, and proud traditions have been neglected.  Yet some of the finest fish and shellfish in the world still swim in the North.  It is time to revive and renew our culture for canned seafood.  With this box we aim to take a step in that direction.  We hope you will enjoy this small selection and serve them as tasty meals or snacks from the North.


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