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Dario Cecchini

Dario Cecchini Mini Sampler Set - Profumo del Chianti, Mostarda, Senape (3-50g jars)

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  • Mini sampler set of Dario Cecchini’s Profumo del Chianti, Mostarda and Senape. Each glass jar is 50g.
  • Profumo del Chianti - famous herb salt blend. This finely ground Italian sea salt is blended with Sage, lavender, thyme, rosemary, laurel, fennel pollen and juniper. Great on all types of dishes, especially steak and other meats.
  • Mostarda Mediterranea - Our Mostarda Mediterranea is made with a base of sweet red bell peppers and hot chili peppers, and is delicious with pork dishes, roasts, boiled beef, or served with cheeses or chocolate.
  • Senape - Our mustard goes well with beef or pork dishes, burgers, roasted or boiled meats and especially with ham.
  • Imported from Italy

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