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Cuna de Piedra

Cuna de Piedra Mexican Molinillo Whisk | Molinillo para Chocolate | Hand-carved Molinillo

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A stunning, contemporary reinterpretation of the Molinillo, a tool used in Mexican kitchens since pre-Hispanic times to beat chocolate into a delicious, frothy concoction.  

This grinder was crafted out of Mexican Aile wood.  To achieve the smoked color finish, a direct fire burn was done with a blowtorch and for the final finish, cacao butter and almond oil were applied to condition the wood

Shape, dimensions and hue may vary since the Molinillo is individually handcrafted from natural wood.  Measures approximately 11 inches long

Hand wash only and treat with food-grade oil monthly or bimonthly, depending on frequency of use 

For the ultimate gift, pair with Cuna de Piedra’s single origin drinking chocolates

More information about this project:

For the design of this molinillo we collaborated with Eduardo Barrita who is the founder of Make Común, a design center that links the talent of the trades to promote virtues and prosperity in his community, Zimatlán, Oaxaca, through the co-creation of objects from daily wear that revalue tradition.

For the collaboration, Eduardo worked with Jesús Gómez, a teacher from the Sierra Norte de Oaxaca, an area where mills are traditionally produced.

Eduardo believes in the power of design as a tool for social transformation, self-knowledge, and exploration of the community and its environment to build a new reality and a better place for everyone.

At Cuna de Piedra we believe in the importance of remembering and sharing the beauty of our traditions to all corners of Mexico and the world. 

Searching for mezcal's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!

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