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Cuna de Piedra

Cuna de Piedra 73% Mexican Dark Chocolate with Mezcal Joven | Mexican Heirloom Cacao

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Cune de Piedra is an homage to Mexican heirloom cacao. Each one of their internationally acclaimed chocolate bars is a reflection of the best lesson Mother Nature has taught us: good things take time, but they are worth waiting for.

This bar is 73% MEXICAN CACAO from Soconusco, Chiapas with Young Mezcal

Young Mezcal made 100% from Maguey Espadín from Santiago Matatlán, a town located in the central valleys of Oaxaca, considered the “mezcal capital of the world”. Mezcal is obtained by grinding in a stone pan, fermented in oak vats and distilled twice in clay pots to obtain fresh, citrus and herbal notes that are in good harmony with our 73% cocoa from Soconusco, Chiapas.

Mezcalero Master: Joel Santiago.

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