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Caponi Gluten Free Pasta - Tagliatelle 8.8oz (250g)

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A gluten-free pasta like no other.  Made with 70% corn flour, 30% rice flour; Bronze cut.

For best results, add a splash of olive oil to the cooking water and test at the first cooking time indicated.  

Cooking time for tagliatelle: 8-9 minutes.  

 Pastificio Caponi is a Tuscan artisan pasta factory that has been producing dried egg pasta since 1953.

To this day they maintain a processing cycle as similar as possible to that of homemade pasta.  This, along with the attention they pay to every detail, from the creation of the dough to the packaging, is what makes them a stand-out amongst the competition.

For some time now, with the increasing demand from customers, they have embarked on a new challenge: gluten-free pasta . Produced within the maximum of the norms foreseen for the decontamination of gluten, their gluten-free pasta has rice and corn as ingredients, which give a color and a very different quality from the typical gluten-free pasta that can be found on the market.

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