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Meathead's Amazing Rubs

Meathead’s Amazing Seasoning & Dry Brine Bundle for Pork, Red Meat and Poultry (Variety Pack of 3)

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Big, bold flavor from BBQ Hall of Famer Meathead

This bundle includes all three of Meathead’s Amazing seasonings and dry brine mixes

"Meathead's Amazing" Smoked Pork Seasoning & Dry Brine - Based on Meathead’s Memphis Dust but with a smokey twist, this pork seasoning and dry brine is not only great on pork, it works well with chicken, salmon, vegetables, and even popcorn!

"Meathead's Amazing" Smoked Red Meat Seasoning & Dry Brine – A variation of Meathead’s Cow Crust, this smokey rub takes steaks and other red meat to a whole other level of flavor

"Meathead's Amazing" Tuscan Herb Poultry Seasoning & Dry Brine - Based on Meathead’s Simon & Garfunkel Rub, this herb-based rub features parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and other ingredients, all working in unison to create unparalleled flavor. While it is designed for poultry, it also works well with pork, veal, seafood, vegetables, and so much more

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